Millennium Landscape & Construction | Services
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The goal of our construction division is to create amazing outdoor spaces that connect our clients, and their families, to outdoor living in ways that celebrate our natural surroundings in the Great Northwest. Working with a host of talented and respected landscape architects and designers, we bring great designs to life, and with a bit of hard labor and creativity, we translate the desires of our clients into reality.


Our maintenance services are as varied as our clients and their landscapes.  Whether your landscape is a typical Northwest woodland garden, or a highly detailed English cutting garden, we’re plant savvy enough to know how to take care of it.


Designing Gardens with our clients is an exciting time.  Ideas get tossed around, memories explored, wishes pop to the surface, and spaces come together. As designer, our job is to take ideas & wishes, and interpret them into plants, stone, wood, and other materials.  It’s pretty fun stuff.  It’s made a whole lot simpler because we love what we do – Design is the beginning of creating a space to enjoy with family and friend for years to come.